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About us

About IMO ePublications

The International Maritime Organizations’ ePublications is the new digital platform that contains all IMO published materials such as Conventions, Codes, regulations, recommendations and guidelines.  This innovative new platform is the go-to tool for the maritime industry and other stakeholders. 

ePublications has been created to improve your digital publication experience and includes features that deliver speed, flexibility and reliability.  Included in this resourceful platform, you will find features such as:

  • Personal favourites list
  • Advanced search options
  • Creating and managing alerts
  • Citation tool
  • DOI identification
  • Subscription available
  • Offline reader
  • IMO Certificate integration

                 and More!

IMO ePublications offers information to reach a range of audiences:

  • Government and public Administrations
  • Non-governmental organizations
  • Businesses and private sector
  • Educational institutions

IMO ePublications contains more than 600+ titles and we continue to add new and updated publications regularly throughout the year.  For ease of reference, our publications are grouped by the following topics:


About IMO Publishing

The IMO Publishing Service promotes and publishes IMO's regulatory instruments, including Conventions, Codes, regulations, and other legal and technical documents, in print and digital format for the maritime industry and other stakeholders. Through our global network of IMO authorized distributors, we have been supplying the shipping community with essential maritime titles for several decades.

About the International Maritime Organization

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) is the United Nations specialized agency responsible for the safety and security of shipping and preventing marine and atmospheric pollution by ships. 

For additional information about the IMO, please visit:

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