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How to buy - Single Title(s)

How to buy a single title on IMO ePublications

Browse our extensive collection of over 600 titles, updated with new content each year, and purchase title(s) to meet all your maritime knowledge needs.

Purchase process

Account setup Create a free account or log in to your existing one on the IMO ePublications platform.

Explore and select Use our simple or advanced search tools or browse through books, series, topics, and collections from the main menu.

Add to basket Click "Buy this Book" on the title's page to add it to your basket.

Checkout Review your basket to ensure the details are correct and proceed to checkout.

Complete your purchase Enter your credit card payment information and finalize the transaction. 

Once purchased, access your title(s) immediately online. Go to "My Profile" in the right-hand menu, click "My Orders," and select the relevant order number.

Important note 

Each account can purchase only one copy per title. Users needing additional copies of the same title should create separate accounts to maintain personalized access. Titles on the platform are accessible through an e-reader tool, which includes limited functionality for printing and copying text. For more information, please read our terms of use and FAQs.

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