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Welcome to the FAQ page for the IMO ePublications platform. Here, you will find answers to common questions about using our platform, accessing publications, managing your account, and more. Please contact our customer support team via the Contact Us form if you need further assistance.

IMO ePublications, the official source for IMO publications, is an innovative digital platform that enables users to purchase and access content published by the International Maritime Organization on desktop or mobile devices.

There are over 600 titles available in IMO ePublications, categorized into topics, collections, and book series. 

Yes, many of the IMO publications are available in IMO's six official languages (English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese and Russian).

You can use simple and advanced search tools for easy and customized searches. The robust advanced search allows additional data fields to find the most relevant content quickly. Additionally, browse through book series, topics, and collections from the main menu or view featured titles on the home page.

Customers can purchase only one copy per title per account. For additional copies of the same title, please encourage colleagues or staff to create separate accounts for their purchases and personalized access.

You can register for an account by clicking the login button from the top right corner, completing the registration details on the following page, and validating your account via email..

Register for an account or log in to an existing account, search for the title(s) you require, and purchase individual digital publications or the premium All IMO content subscription using major credit cards (American Express, MasterCard, Visa).

Registered users can log in to their accounts to save searches, add content to favorites, create and manage title alerts, and access purchased content. For more details, see the User Manual page in the main menu.

After you have purchased an IMO publication or subscription, you have the option to save titles to your browser cache. You can view content saved for offline access by clicking on your profile and visiting the Favourites section.

Customers may print up to ten pages per session, with a maximum of 50 pages per title.

You can manage your subscription by clicking on your profile and going to the section on Content & orders. Here you can view your subscription product and the licence and content start and end dates.

New publications are released throughout the year and added to the platform once published. If a new supplement is released, it will automatically be added to the relevant publication. You can manage your alerts by clicking on your profile and going to the section on searches & alerts. & alerts.

The platform includes a certificate that displays the IMO number of the vessel and all the publications as purchased on the respective account. This certificate can be shown during vessel inspections. Please make sure you have included the IMO number for the vessel in your account profile. The IMO number will then be displayed on the certificate.

For any feedback, such as complaints or suggested improvements, please use the Contact Us link found in the footer at the bottom of the page, or by going to the Contact us area under About IMO ePublications in the main menu.

Permission is required for reproduction; complete the copyright permission request form here: 

FAQs - for Distributors

Please log in to your distributor account. From there, navigate to the main menu and select the 'Subscription' option under the 'How-To-Buy' section. Click 'All IMO Content,' then go to the shopping cart at the top right corner to proceed with the checkout process. Alternatively, click the 'Buy your subscription for All IMO Content' button on the homepage and follow the purchase process.

To allocate licenses to end users, first access the 'End Users' section by clicking on the cog wheel in the top right corner. Once there, locate the customer using their unique email address. Then proceed to the 'Allocate Licenses' tab where you can assign the necessary licenses. For more comprehensive instructions, please consult the User Guide. 

Navigate to 'End users' using the cog wheel in the top right corner and click on the tab 'Add a new user.' Fill out the registration form accurately, adding the IMO number or ship reference if the shipboard is selected as the customer type. Complete all required fields to ensure a smooth subscription assignment process. Click on the 'Add account' to save the data. Once a new user account is created, proceed to the 'Allocate Licenses' tab, where your allocatable purchases will be ready to assign.

You can use the cog wheel in the top right corner to access end users, find customers using their email addresses, and update details on the Authentication tab.

You can use the cog wheel in the top right corner to access end users, find customers using their email addresses, and update details on the Authentication tab.

 No, there aren’t any specific technical requirements. Customers can access the platform from any computer or digital device with an internet connection.

 The cache size for offline use depends on the local storage capacity of the browser that the customer used to access the platform.

Customers can access the "Basic Documents Series" at no cost to explore all its features, including the e-reader tool and offline reading mode.

 Yes, user guides are available on the user guide page and are accessible from the main menu. Additional help materials will be added regularly. Please could you get in touch with us if help materials for specific issues should be added.

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